The beginning

Ever since I turned 27 I have really had to work hard to maintain or lose weight. I have found that I can’t eat anything that I want anymore like when I was in high school. My most recent frustration came last year when I tried for over 6 months to lose weight before my wedding. I didn’t get to the weight that I had hoped and on August 4th I walked down the aisle at one of my heaviest weights ever. After that, I decided I needed to change something and really began to focus on losing weight and eating healthier. For the first few months I worked out but continued to eat what I thought was healthy. Lots of pasta but with olive oil instead of creamy sauces, and lots of fruit.

In August I joined a new gym and met with a trainer. I explained that I had run a half marathon in June that past summer and I wanted to do another one this year but improve my time. He then told me that I trained all wrong. I ran and did minimal weight/resistance training. I have now started to change my ways and have done more weight lifting and resistance training but it is still hard for me to think that I will be able to run a half marathon in two months if I don’t run at all.

I am now doing a 24 day challenge, and will post more on that later. I am also still running but have tried incorporating more weight training in with it. My half marathon is on June 2nd and I feel ready but still have plenty of training to do.

As for the pictures and wedding dress from last August. My goal now is to have people look at those pictures and see how far I have come. I also want to spend my 1 year anniversary in my wedding dress that last year fit me perfectly but this year will be too big for me!

IMG_9680_edited-1 copy

2 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. Hey Hey! I love the blog. I want to continue my journey towards Health and Fitness and hope your blog will add to my success/motivation. 🙂 Also, just wanted to say that you look beautiful in your dress, even if you weren’t at the “weight/shape” you wanted to be.

  2. Thanks Trevor! I will be posting more on the progress that I have made recently but trying to get the intro stuff on here first. You should definitely start blogging. I would love to hear what you are up to.

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