2013-A new beginning

Like many people I made the resolution to lose weight this year. I have done this many times but for some reason this year I really meant it. I am ready to make a change in how I live my life. Rather than put a weight goal on my “resolution,” I decided to just simply live and eat healthier.

I have posted before that last year I ran a half marathon. I think that some people look at me and think, how did this girl ever run 13.1 miles? I did! It was a slow and sometimes painful 13.1 miles but I did it. This year I want people to look at me and have no doubt that I could do it.

My first step towards my goal for the year was to join a gym. I had been a member of a smaller chain that I know was not where I needed to be. They had pizza Tuesdays….really?

I joined a larger chain and have enjoyed every moment. I started out trying a bootcamp class for the first month and loved it but unfortunately was not able to keep at that. Instead I have done my own thing but have learned a lot from the helpful people there. I also started out the year by trying to do the South Beach diet. I LOVE carbs but really needed to cut back on them and this was my solution. I will just say that I was not able to stick with that because I didn’t feel like I had support and now looking back I do not think that my head was in the right place.

Below are a few pictures from January 3rd. I apologize for the blurriness and promise that the next ones will be much better!

Image Image


3 thoughts on “2013-A new beginning

  1. Like you, I’m also trying to get a healthier lifestyle. I’ve set myself a fitness challenge so now just to see how I get on with that. Best of luck with your resolution- I hope you reach your goals 🙂

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