It was like drinking puke……..24 day challenge

I have talked about the 24 day challenge that I started on March 25th and now I am finally going to tell you all about it. I learned about the 24 day challenge from my good friend Ashley who is an Advocare representative. She had seen me struggle with my weight loss plateau and finally convinced me in March that this might be the answer for me.

We came up with a plan and I ordered everything that I needed. I got the herbal cleanse and the MNS3. The first 10 days consists of a fiber drink, probiotic, and herbal cleanse. You are also able to eat fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and some whole grains.

Some people might think wow that is really limiting but if you really think about it that is what you should be eating anyway! Not like I am one to talk since I have basically spent most of my adult life trying to break my bad eating habits.

The worst part about this challenge is the fiber drink that you take in the morning. I compare it to drinking puke. The best method is to just mix it and slam it. So you just get it done and over with.

I am really proud to say that I have not cheated at all and I am on day 15! I feel like it just keeps getting easier and easier! The best part is that I have SO much energy. I really like the supplements and vitamins that come with it and will continue to take some of them after I am done. GO ME!

Has anyone else done a challenge like this? How did it go? What kind of supplements have people found that they love?

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