Something has been missing…….


Since spring has decided to hold off for awhile it has been a lot harder to get motivated on the weekends to get to the gym. Luckily, I have boot camp on Saturday mornings. As for Sunday it has been a little trickier. Last week I did a quick crossfit inspired workout and went for a short run. Today I was dreading my 90 minute run on the treadmill and felt like I needed more of a stretch than a long run. I opted for a yoga video online. It was 18 minutes but holy buckets! 

I used to do yoga pretty regularly, at least once a week and actually considered myself pretty good at it. Since I have been doing more lifting and running I have put yoga on the back burner but decided to try it again today. It is definitely something that has been missing from my normal workouts. I realized how tight my quads and hamstrings are and how my flexibility has definitely gone downhill. I’m sure I looked a little awkward and thank my husband for being non-judgmental! 

Do any of you practice yoga regularly? How often and what kind? 

PS I was pretty pumped to see today that I am up to 10 followers. I know it doesnt sound like a lot but hey you have to start somewhere!


13 thoughts on “Something has been missing…….

  1. I live in a really remote rural area and the gym, pool, yoga class, etc are all part of the community high school. So we have a card that gives us access to all, very cheaply, but no coach/trainer type person in the gym.

      • Yes, it’s great. Yoga provision has been patchy over the last few years tho – a good teacher, but she’s been dealing with family illness etc. So I started practising at home and now I’m doing a teacher training course 🙂

      • That’s awesome! I have always thought that would be a fun thing to do.

        I was looking at your site and I like how it is layed out. I can’t figure out how to get my archives on the side and different categories. Do you have any pointers?

  2. Thanks!
    Yes, I’m really enjoying it, though soon I’ll have to be observed teaching a real class, which is a bit daunting…
    If you go to the dashboard/admin bit of your blog then Appearance then widgets, you’ll see all the things you can drag and drop to your sidebar like archives, tag clouds and so on – depending on the theme you’ve chosen- some have them at the foot of the page instead. The WordPress tutorials are a good way of finding out how-to on specific topics. I spent ages tinkering about, but decided to keep my design simple!

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