May Goal and New Deck of Cards Workout!

I am so happy to say that I reached my April goal no problem! My goal was to finally get out of the 180’s and on May 1st when I weighed myself I was at 179.8! My May goal is now to get to 175 by the end of May. I am well on my way so far and still have 19 days to reach my goal! Do you set goals each month? If so, what is your may goal?


I went to the gym with my buddy Heather today and we have really enjoyed doing Deck of Cards workouts ever since we saw them on Biggest Loser. We don’t do the same one each time and the one we did this time was awesome. We also did it in a bootcamp room where I am almost positive that they were blowing hot air into….Jerks. 

Anyway this is what our workout was.

We warmed up with a ropes/trx tabata

One of us was on ropes while the other was on TRX. 

For ropes we did 

Side to side with a microphone grip

Jumping Jacks


Double Waves

For TRX we did 


Hamstring Curls


Jump Squats 


Then came the DOC workout

For Diamonds we did BOSU Squats-Squat with one leg on the bosu and then lift the other leg up when you come up from the squat position.

Spades were ultimate planks

Hearts were lat pulldowns with resistance bands

Clubs were Medicine ball pass-Use a medicine ball and the wall and pass it back and forth. We multiplied these by two for a little extra something. 

For our Jacks we did a 90 second plank and a resistance band side step across the racquetball court and back.

I think I am probably going to be feeling this tomorrow since I was already pretty sore from yesterday. Let me know if you have any questions about this workout and I will try to answer them.