Well, well, well

Well it’s been awhile now hasn’t it. I started the summer off on the wrong foot….literally. I broke my foot and was told I couldn’t put any weight on it for 6 weeks and then told I would still be in the boot but could walk on it for 6 weeks. I’m now 8 days away from finally getting the boot off. For the first 6 weeks I didn’t go to the gym because I honestly couldn’t get in it….my gym has stairs everywhere and I was on four wheels on a sweet knee scooter. I have now reactivated my gym membership and my doctor told me I could ride the bike or swim. I’ve also been doing upper body strength training and ab work. I can definitely feel that I’m not as strong as I was when I broke my foot but I’m not starting from scratch either. Once I get the boot off I plan on slowly getting back into running with couch to 5k. I’ve also got a new running buddy that I’ll introduce you to in a future post.



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