My latest obsession….


My latest obsession!


One of the things that I get really excited for around Christmas time is the arrival of cuties at the grocery store, and by cuties I mean the little oranges that you can easily peel and enjoy! I get frustrated with navel oranges because they can be tricky to peel sometimes and can also be to big and juicy that it makes a mess. Cuties are perfect. They are super easy to peel and generally always delicious and sweet. I know I sound like an ad for cuties but I swear its not. I just love them so much and they are such a perfect and easy snack. Even Lucy our dog likes them! My sister got me a 5 lb. box for Christmas and I am getting down to those last few delicious little things. 


P.S. I know that my nail painting job is not the best but I love the color! I have also discovered that nail painting can be a great detourant from eating! 

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