A step in the right direction…..


My delicious salad that I’ve had for lunch the past two days!


This week I’ve made a lot of progress from where I was last week. Last week I was depressed because I was at one of the highest weights I’ve been at in a long time. 

This week I joined a gym and have been eating clean about 90% of the time. When it hasn’t been clean eating its hardly been cheating and I don’t like to consider it cheating anyway. Nobody is perfect 100% of the time and if you are then let me know your secret. 😉

The first step this week was downloading a new book to my kind called Salads to Go. I highly recommend and its FREE right now! The picture of the salad is of the Crunchy Basil Salad. I didn’t make it in the mason jar like it suggests but I don’t think that takes away from the pure amazingness of the salad! 

The second thing I did this week was join a gym. I did my first workout today and although it was pretty easy considering what I was doing before my foot injury it felt great to get back to it. I am doing the couch to 5k program plus I am doing a push up challenge and plank challenge. I did 15 push ups today and a 30 second plank. The first half mile was a little painful but I pushed through it and felt just fine at the end….actually better than fine, I felt great! 


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