I wanna be a roller girl!


My friend Nikki in action!


Last night I went to the North Star Roller Girls Roller Derby with my sister and some of her friends. Her husband was playing with his band Queen of France at the half time show. I have gone to a few bouts before and had a lot of fun. My friend Nikki is on the team the Violent Femmes which makes it even more fun to watch. The first time I saw a bout I wanted to be a roller girl so bad! Last night just solidified it for me. My only problem is that I know how to roller blade but not sure that I could actually roller skate. I decided that I am going to give it a try one weekend at a roller rink and see if I can even do it. I remember doing it when I was very young and also remember that things may not have gone the greatest. Hopefully since I am older and so much wiser now I can make it happen. 

My biggest fear you ask? Breaking another bone. I’ve talked to a few people and this is what holds them back as well. Plus watching some of the girls last night scared the crap out of me! They are vicious! 

Wish me Luck!


6 thoughts on “I wanna be a roller girl!

  1. Thanks for coming out! You could totally sign up for Satellites where they will teach you the basics and the time commitment is minimal. It’s a nice way to test the waters.
    -Ida Kildher

  2. Soooo…I think I know Nikki. We met a bar several years ago and became FB friends. If this is the same Nikki. And my sister is trying out for the North Stars. She used to be in a league down in Rochester and is looking to transfer to the cities now. You should totally do it!

    • Hey you! Yes you do know me heh heh. Remember I also played kickball with you that one year too! Didn’t you post something on my wall about your sis? What’s her name?

  3. You can do it! Don’t let the fear of breaking a bone hold you back. I would totally love to try out, but I’m afraid that my lack of skating skills would get me killed. Let us know if you go for it! I’d totally come out and support you!

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