DOC Workout!


Have you ever tried a Deck of Cards workout? It is by far one of my favorite workouts ever! My friend Heather and I discovered them last year when they did one on the Biggest Loser and it was our go to workout at least once a week. I usually make up my own thing to do and today I really emphasized arms! I usually try to put something a little more difficult for the Jokers and today we actually skipped them. The gym we belong to doesn’t have stairs and I figured I would be nice for my first timer husband. 😉  Zack and I both did the workout at the gym and we are both feeling it now. We even had another gym goer ask us what we were doing. Before Zack started coming to the gym with me I think he thought a Deck of Cards workout was code for Easy Day. I showed him today! Try this workout if you really want your arms to burn! 


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