I’m an…………


Well, I have a confession to make. I am a caffeine addict, more specifically, I am a pop addict. I gave it up a year ago while my friend Ashley gave up alcohol. I told her that I wouldn’t drink any pop as long as she didn’t drink any alcohol. Well Ashley, I’m sorry but I failed. Wait though! Hear me out! After reading a post on a page that I follow of an acquaintance that I met through WW, I saw what a difference not drinking pop had done for her. I decided it’s time to jump back on the band wagon of not drinking pop. My addiction has gotten bad, I mean really bad. I at one point drank 3 20 oz bottles at work. I’ve been thinking to myself too what a major contradiction this is to the rest of my life. I try to eat relatively clean and at least try to eat healthy with minimal sugar. I also try to workout as much as possible yet I still seem to feel just fine doing it. I texted Zack this morning to let him know that as of today no more pop for me! So here I go on yet another “journey.” 


P.S. Pop=Soda 😉


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