My favorite things……


My gym clothes drawer


I thought since I went over my most hated running capris that I would do the opposite and show you some of my favorites. I have a HUGE drawer full of gym clothes. I actually probably have about as many gym clothes as I do work clothes. My husband even has to cut me off from buying them sometimes…..It’s kind of an obsession. My two favorite things to run in are my gap tank top and my running room running capris pictured above. 

I bought the running capris when I first started running about five years ago. Through all of my running they have held up really well. I have looked many times when I have gone to the store and I don’t think they actually sell them anymore. If they do start selling them again I will be first in line. I love them because they don’t look like tights. They flare out around the knee and I think they breath better and just make me look better too.

The tank top is one that I got last year after I had lost about 20 lbs. I had gone shopping with my sister and seen it but didn’t want to pay $20 for it…..I’m cheap when it comes to buying gym clothes. I went shopping with her a few weeks later and saw it on sale for $11.99 PLUS 40% off on top of that so they basically gave it to me. They still had my size and I decided it was meant to be! 

Do you have any clothes that you love? Do you have any clothes that you bought but they no longer sell and wish you would’ve bought more? 

4 thoughts on “My favorite things……

  1. I just fell in love with a Gap sports bra. I also got it on super clearance. I think it came to $4 and some change. Love it when anything Gap goes on sale/clearance. I refuse to buy them at full price unless it’s their jeans. I don’t find that their quality matches their price tag. I am going to look into one of their tanks. Looks comfy.

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