Shelby and the Dreamhouse!

We are officially moved into the dreamhouse! I call it the dream house because it is pink…..very very pink! We are hoping that will all change this weekend though!

We’ve been busy almost constantly working on update this little home of ours. Zack was busy with the bathroom the first week after we closed and I cannot tell you how amazing it looks now! We are also lucky to have hardwood floors throughout the entire main level, minus the kitchen and bathroom. We had those refinished and they look fantastic! We have also been working on landscaping the yard. The house is in excellent shape but it needs some major updating!

Also, I have come to realize that owning a home that is a “fixer-upper” is a fantastic workout plan! Zack and I have also been working really hard on making meals at home everyday and have gone to Sams Club to stock up on meat. I am telling you that is the best way to make sure you cook at home! A fully stocked freezer makes meal planning a lot easier.

photo (16)  photo 2 (4) photo 1 (6)

The images above are of the bathroom after it was finished. We did put in a white vent cover and also put the original mirror and wall sconces up. We were having a hard time finding a mirror for the opening in their but decided to go with the original one to give it a little bit of 1950’s charm!

I also ordered something on etsy to hang in the bathroom that I will post a picture of when I get. Its coming from Hong Kong so it may be awhile!


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