A morning of pampering

Last week I joined a few other bloggers at the opening of the Camille Albane salon in Maple Grove. This is the second location in the United States so it’s pretty cool that they made their way to Minnesota!


Camille Albane

Today I received a haircut and balyage treatment from Barika at the salon. Barika showed my the many different lines of products that they have. She started off by having me explain what I was looking for today. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted but I knew I didn’t want something to drastic since I am a teacher and also in my 30’s I don’t feel like I can pull of some styles. She was knowledgeable and gave me an idea. Since she is the pro I told her to surprise me!

image (4)

Before: Could I look anymore pathetic?

Everyone gets a white robe to wear instead of the typical black cape. Barika painted the color on my hair and I was very impressed that she didn’t run out of color which is what typically happens with my thick hair. She told me that it was because the color is oil based. I also liked that it didn’t smell like most color treatments do.

I waited for the color to process and then received an awesome shampoo! The chairs in the shampooing station are actually massage chairs!

image (3)

The massage chairs!

After the color was all washed out it was time for my cut. I told her that I just wanted to keep the same cut but trim it up a bit. Have you ever been to a salon and been super nervous about them taking to much hair off? Yep me too. This was not the case. She took the perfect amount off and stayed with the cut that I already had.

She also gave me a makeup touch-up before I left which was great! I had a great hairstyle so it was nice to have a little makeup professionally applied before I left the salon.

image (5)image (6)

After: I am loving the color! Very subtle change but looks so much cleaner! 

What did I do after my appointment? Went to the DMV of course! I’ve been needing to change my name, address and also renew my license. This was the perfect time to do it!

I would definitely recommend Camille Albane salon for anyone looking for a great color treatment and personalized service!


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