Our new PINK house!


Our new little gem!


After 3 months of looking, 4 rejected offers and 1 bald spot later we have finally found a house! Zack and I had been looking for a house in suburbs of Minneapolis and we finally found a great home BUT its PINK!  This is actually not as big of a deal as some of you may think. Its paint and paint can be redone….Thankfully! We close on July 10th and already have big plans for moving in. We are getting the floors refinished before we move in so we don’t have the hassle of that when we finally do get in there. We are also redoing the bathroom since I just happen to be married to a tile guy. 

We have even been productive while we’ve been waiting to move in. Since we are basically doubling the square footage of our last place and we also have a yard to take care of we have been busy buying furniture and yard tools. We got a lawnmower, snowblower and weed trimmer for under $200 off of craigslist. We also got some new dining room chairs off of craigslist that we are planning on painting. I bought a new chair at one of my favorite stores, Carver Junk Company AND Zack and I even made a new dining room table, which was inspired by these plans that we found on Ana White. The plans were super easy to follow and basically tell you exactly what cuts to make and what supplies you will need. This is my new favorite website!