Something New Friday!

After dealing with back pain for the past few weeks I decided it was probably because my core has gotten so weak. I have been slacking on my planks lately and while I used to be able to hold one for well over a minute I am sadly now down to about 45 seconds. I started my day off today with a new attitude. I started doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred today. I used to do it on and off when I first started running. I never actually made it past the first phase though. Their are 3 phases and each one should take you roughly 10 days to master and feel confident to move on to the next. I think my record is about 7 days. I had thought of starting this on April 1st but who was I fooling? (see what I did there) I decided today is as good as any day to start it. I feel fantastic after doing it!


I definitely need to upgrade my weights but this workout can be done with whatever you feel comfortable with.




I also started my morning with one of my new favorite things, Poached eggs! I poached an egg, made a piece of toast and then spread some avocado on the toast and put the egg on top. I saw this idea on pinterest only they used guacamole. It’s actually a pretty easy breakfast to make and would also be great with one of my other favorite things…..BACON! 


One of the most delicious and easy breakfasts I’ve had in awhile.


This weekend I plan on getting in a run or two along with continuing the 30 day shred. 


What are your plans for the weekend? Making any new foods? Trying any new workouts?


DOC Workout!


Have you ever tried a Deck of Cards workout? It is by far one of my favorite workouts ever! My friend Heather and I discovered them last year when they did one on the Biggest Loser and it was our go to workout at least once a week. I usually make up my own thing to do and today I really emphasized arms! I usually try to put something a little more difficult for the Jokers and today we actually skipped them. The gym we belong to doesn’t have stairs and I figured I would be nice for my first timer husband. 😉  Zack and I both did the workout at the gym and we are both feeling it now. We even had another gym goer ask us what we were doing. Before Zack started coming to the gym with me I think he thought a Deck of Cards workout was code for Easy Day. I showed him today! Try this workout if you really want your arms to burn!